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Our Mission

1-  Build a compassionate, united community where members & visitors take part in making our planet a better place.

2- Reach more people around the world and offer guidance, facilitate healing to help raise the consciousness of every amazing soul we meet.

3- Offer professional healing-facilitators the means to reach individuals who seek their guidance. 

Our goal is to provide the tools and support needed to help Energy-Healers and Spiritual-Advisors focus more on their spiritual healing work. We desire to see how our network serves everyone to the highest good. Build and grow together as a community with a mission to heal our world one amazing soul at a time.

~ Eddie BenAbraham. President.

How We Do It: Our Network of 3 Websites.

The Social Community Network

“The Spiritually Energized Community of Earth”

Healers and Seekers engage in uplifting conversations about Love, Spirituality, Healing energy and so much more.

Join or create your own group and start to mingle.

The Marketplace

Registered Service-Professionals offer their energy-healing and spiritual-advice sessions.

Provided with the tools and features tools they need to accomplish their work.

The Healers' Hub & Magazine

 Dedicated for energy-healers and spiritual- advisors personal websites.

All Service Professionals are invited to write about their work and passion. 

User Registration – Free

Everyone starts by signing-up to our Free User Account. You will need to type in your unique username and email address. Check your email for a confirmation to activate your new Account.

As of January 17th 2021 registration process to “I Love Healers” & “Vort8x” are separate. Two separate login details for each website is now possible.

User Tools and Features

Meet, chat & share with like-minded amazing souls

Gain and redeem Energy-Points (coming 2022)

Workshops and special events (coming 2021)

Create your own group

Personal customizable profile

Hire energy-healers & spiritual advisors

And more

Professional Membership Registration


First Year Is Free!

Limited Time Offer

*Yearly Membership of $269 – Your next due is 1 year from the date of registration.


Tools and Featuers

The Marketplace

Offer your services

Sell your digital products (video, audio or text up to 5 products)

Job Extras to upscale your session

Get Paid $ (direct withdrawal)

Service & transaction fee 35%

Advertised on our network and partners

User five-star rating

Powerful admin panel

Private Messages

Personal Profile

Vacation mode

Pro Member support

and more

Social Community Network

The Spiritually-Energized Community of Earth

Connect, chat , share with like-minded amazing souls

Your private community group

Redeem Energy-Points (Coming 2022)

Meet new friends

Customizable profile

Personal profile

Privacy settings

Birthday alerts

and more

Magazine and Hub


Submit your articles


Expand your reach


Advertised on our network and partners


SEO optimization Included


Article image included or use your own


Drive traffic to your sessions on I Love Healers


and more

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– Must have at least 2 years experience and 25 reviews or more with paid clients.
– Please allow at least 7 business days for a review and reply.

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