Eddie BenAbraham

Spiritual Mentor & Healing Facilitator

Ascending Into Your Heart’s Awareness

I Help People Who Are in Fear To Step Into Their Embodiment Of God Through The Divine Awareness Of Their Consciousness


Start Accelerating Your Ascension Process

....Helps me to connect to higher frequencies...

“I came to Eddie needing support and direction and I received both and more. For me it’s not about knowing the future, but getting the sense I am on the right track. Eddie’s coffee reading together with his channeling and his unique spiritual way of looking at life, lifts my energy levels and helps me to connect to higher frequencies while feeling better about my choices or changing them if needed. Thank you Eddie for everything!”
~Ori D. Los Angeles.

...Amazing way to guide you...

“Eddie is a beautiful soul and have a amazing way to guide you. He is amazing! I trust him with his love and power. What a beautiful being of light!”
~Jessica L. New Mexico.

...Thank you for uncovering my fears...

“Thank you for the wonderful and authentic reading. Absolutely incredible. You managed to provide such an accurate details and clarity. Thank you for uncovering my fears and helping me face them in a direct, yet completely gentle way. I am looking forward to meeting again!”
~Jenny D. Los Angeles.

...describing my life with specificity it was WILD...

“What can I say? Eddie was nothing short of amazing! He didn’t ask for ANY details, he just began talking, and then I was sold. A few moments in he began such describing my life with specificity it was WILD. It didn’t end either.. he kept going. I loved that he didn’t take my money and run. He made feel like he was there to give me the info I needed not to collect my coins. He is for real. Go ahead and call him you found your guy!”
~Taylor. Washington DC.

...beautiful and amazing gift...

“Eddie has a beautiful and amazing gift. He presents insight in a precise, kind manner. I feel blessed to have him share his expertise with me.”
~Claire . New York.

...I felt my angels surrounding me...

I trust my intuition and it led me to Eddie. As usual my intuition leads me to what is needed. From half an hour prior to the reading I felt an energy shift that confirmed this. I was seeking clarity on the forces that were at play in my life and Eddie gave me insightful, valuable and at times surprising insight. I felt my angels surrounding me during the reading in confirmation of the value of what was brought forth. It was awesome to speak to someone who has such insight and humanity. I highly recommend a reading with Eddie…….Tanya, Sydney
~Tanya . Australia.

...it exceeded my expectation...

A very accurate reading! I expected to have a good reading but it exceeded my expectation, it was filled with very much detail and it was very pertinent to my reality and how things are unfolding. Also appreciate all the support and enouragement and instilling a deep sense of security. I will definitely talk with you in the future! Wishing you lots of success and love. 
~Amalia. Spain.


  • Over forty (40) digital lessons in nine (9) Modules.

  • Six (6) One-on-one 30min progress-support sessions with Eddie.

  • Two (2) Channeled Sessions with Eddie – Coffee Reading.

  • One (1) Entourage Healing Sessions. 

  • Weekly Live Group Q&A for all apprentices 12 months.

  • Eight (8) Journey Healing Meditation mp3.

  • Action assignments, ceremonies, and more.

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“Taking The Journey of Divine Self-Love,

Is Key To Your Ascension & Crossing The Bridge To The New Earth.

You Are Worthy Of This Life!”

Our World Is Shifting & So Are We.

But What Will The Future Be Like & Are You Ready To Live In Bliss?


🔹Gain Benevolent Knowledge That Will Bring You Closer To The Creator Inside

🔹Clear Communication With Your Higher Self & Entourage

🔹Walk The Earth With High Level Of Divine Self Love

🔹Create The Reality You Desire by Your Design

🔹Learn How To Be Loved By Spirit

🔹Restore Balance To Your Body

🔹Learn How To Heal Yourself

🔹Learn How To Heal Others

🔹Return To Mother Gaia

🔹Learn How Channel

🔹And so much more

“Expansive awareness is a powerful state-of-being. When combined with free will, your consciousness can create anything you desire.”

“You seek power, look within.
You seek love, reach within.
You seek peace, step within.
The world will follow.”

Healing your past experiences is possible but it takes pure intent and desire. Healing your past means, you are ready to shift your relationship to the energy from what transpired early in your life, or past lives.  Eddie’s work is designed to uncover and peel off the layers that no longer serve you. These “layers” can be energetical or emotional “baggage” hidden in your subconscious or in plain sight of your conscious mind.

About Eddie

Since childhood, Eddie was aware of energy work and the power of consciousness. With the added guidance of his father David BenAbraham, Eddie knew that what he sees and feels, is not something everyone experiences. Later in life, Eddie invested more time into writing channeled content and assisted clients while using his gift of Coffee Cup Reading. In addition, he was introduced to Kryon, which helped to further expand his knowledge and awareness. Eddie’s path has grown deeper into the roots of spiritualism, with published channels from The “E”, Metatron, Kryon, Gaia and more.

Today Eddie is the co-founder and president of Vort8x.com and ILoveHelaers.com . His mission is to create The Spiritually Energized Community and with the help of fellow healers and spiritual advisors, reach and assist more humans around the world.

Eddie was given clear guidance from spirit to become aware of ancient knowledge – energy field called “The Soul’s Mantle Grid” (סְרִיגֶי לִיבָּת הַנְשָׁמָה) (see illustration). This immense divine system is part of who you are and directly related to the divine and unconditional love of self. Eddie uses The Mantle Grid in his healing sessions, during coffee cup readings and in everyday life. This is the place where he meets with “The Healing Consul”, this simply describes those who come to assist in the healing process. These can be spirits, guides, Angels, Dragons, Elementals, Ancestors, and more.

In 2017 Eddie invented and co-developed The Compassion Gauge Tool, designed to measure the level of compassion with a click of a button.

Today, Eddie’s focus is teaching, facilitate healing and assist those who are ready with the intent to heal and open to higher level of consciousness. Eddie’s work is ongoing and expanding in directions he is guided to. Vort8x is shaping into a one-of-a-kind community with a strong desire to be the love they want to see in the world – Are you ready to be part of the family?

The Soul’s Mantle Grid

As was first presented in 2011.

The Soul’s Mantle Grid סְרִיגֶי לִיבָּת הַנְשָׁמָה


Week 1: Warming up to God Within

  • Expanding awareness
  • Working through shadows
  • The power of free choice
  • Plowing resistance
  • Journey of Self-Love 1
  • The Entourage

Week 2: How Magnificent You Are

  • The Begining
  • Reincarnation
  • Old Soul & New Soul
  • The Akashic Records
  • Time, Gravity & Consciousness
  • The Soul’s Mantle Grid Overview

Week 3: How Powerful You Are

  • Healing of self
  • Consciousness is king
  • Speaking to your cells
  • Letting go of beliefs
  • Past lives baggage
  • Losing the weight you want to gain
  • Money, Wealth and Abundance

Week 4: Releasing The Pain

  • Trusting the process
  • Divine flow allowing things to “cook”
  • Your relationship to Gaia
  • Your relationship to animals
  • Soul family and blood family
  • What happens when we die?

Week 5: The Channeler in You

  • Intuition vs imagination
  • What’s in the way
  • Channelling
  • Origin of the channel

Week 6: Awakening The Master In You

  • Creating your reality
  • Free Choice vs Destiny
  • Self-Love and the stove
  • Potentials & synchronicity
  • Pushing the energy
  • What about time?
  • Practice practice practice

Week 7: Gender Sexuality

  • Understanding the process
  • Past & future lifetime
  • Shifting genders & sexual attraction
  • Divine Masculine & Feminine

Week 8: The Soul’s Mantle Grid

  • The human systems

  • Chakras, merkabah, torus…

  • The second merkabah

  • Connecting to the Field

  • Inviting your Entourage

Week 9: The Entourage Healing Modality

  • Strengthening the connection

  • Inviting the seeker

  • Scanning the body

  • The spinning

  • The heart’s beam

“The journey of life comes with opportunities to discover and heal the burdens of the past, that prevent us from expanding our awareness.”

This Is The Lifetime You’ve Been Waiting For

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