The Seven Founders & Original Whales

Channeled Through Eddie BenAbraham

Published April, 26th 2022

Welcome to "The Seven Founders" Messages

“The Spectacle”

Healing-Journey with The Original Whales, Gaia & The Seven Founders – Free Meditation

Important Update – Please Share July, 25th 2023 then October 31st.

Welcome, beautiful Soul,

By now over 280 brothers and sisters have done “The Spectacle. This sacred and powerful healing journey was created to help you cross the bridge to New Earth – The Golden Age.

The Seven Founders, Original Whales, and Gaia come together in a unique and divine way to bring forth the gifts and tools that humanity now needs more than ever before.

The transition and awakening process of the collective-consciousness begins with you. This so-called Ascension 5D reality shift is here and we are leading it. The “players” in the most celebrated event in the Universe: The Graduation Of Earth.

Each of us has the power to create change.
We were given the means to choose our reality through free-choice, intention, determination, persistence, love and compassion.

We have one Earth and we chose to be here during these profound biblical times.

I am grateful for your divine presence, dear brothers and sisters. It is a humbling experience to play a role through the connection and guidance Of Gaia, Cetaceans and The Seven Founders.

I look forward to witnessing with you our new Earth joyful, healthy, prosperous, and FREE.

With love and admiration,
~ Eddie BenAbraham
International Spiritual Mentor, Teacher & Channel

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Free Class Series

Important Update – Please Share March, 15th. 2023

Beautiful souls,
One more update that is critical and exciting. In the coming days, I will upload a series of free classes about the Seven Founders and Original Whales.

The free classes are available to all registered users here on Vort8x. Registration is free you are all invited. Since my update last December, I now know we cannot wait for the book. It will take too much time and resources to publish. Instead, I will share as much of the Whales’ teachings and give them to you to learn, enjoy, and practice. Eventually, these classes will be converted into a book. Sounds better right?

Stay tuned for the expected launch date here on Vortex, our telegram channel, and my Facebook wall.
Please share far and wide.
We look forward to meeting you!

I thank you all for your love and support, I couldn’t do this without you.
Tons of love
Eddie BenAbraham

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The Seven Founders and Original Whales

Their first request was that I meet them at the beach, regularly. They said I must be by the water so they can show the information and work with me. There I was on the beach during the last 2 weeks of March.

Early in the morning 40-minute drive to my favorite spot, located on the beautiful shores of Malibu
April, 1st. Friday morning, after spending about 30 minutes with them, “The Seven Founders” showed and explained who they are:

” We are The Seven Founders, we represent the Original Whales from the Galaxy of Water.”
” We are the guardians of the water. We are the bridge between all life in every galaxy.”
” We are from The Central Sun.”
” Dear Earth’s Souls, we are here to gift you with what you’ve been waiting for.”

The information they share with me will all be in my new Book which will take about 8 months to Channel. This main book will be accompanied by 5 additional Work-Books and will be available as a set of 6 books. Read and watch the full introduction here.

On this page I will share specific messages the Seven Founders Have for you before their book is published. I invite you to visit regularly for updates and developments because things are shifting very quickly.

We look forward to your comments and questions. You are welcome to contact me on our community wall here on Vort8x (Vortex). Simply register your Free user account here,  wait for your account to be reviewed and approved then, log in and start sharing.

Blessings of the water
Eddie BenAbraham and The Seven Founders

Channeled Messages

Important Update – Please Share December, 7. 2022

Beautiful souls,
Some of you already know I’ve been working on the new channeled book from The Original Whales – The Seven Founders. I’ve been channeling their information for a few months now, and recently I’ve seen that the information cannot wait for the book to come out. This means that some of the Whale’s channels I will publish for all of you to read and experience before the book is published.

In the next few hours, I will publicly share the first channeled message for you with a direct link here on this page.

Please share far and wide.

I thank you all for your love and support, I couldn’t do this without you.
Tons of lovea
Eddie BenAbraham

The Introduction April 1 2022

” We are The Seven Founders, we represent the original Whales from the galaxy of water.”
” We are the guardians of the water. We are the bridge between all life in every galaxy.”
” We are from The Central Sun.”
” We are here to gift you, Earth’s Souls what you’ve been waiting for.”

3 and 1

The Universal Law of Creation.
3 and 1 represent the 4 “ingredients” responsible for the creation of the physical reality.

Source, God is the main “ingredient” 1.
Gravity is “ingredient” 2.
Time is “ingredient” 3.
Water is “ingredient” 4.

Collective Choices

“Choices are an accumulative “substance” that becomes the catalyst to creating and shifting into the realities that you – dear human – are responsible for. Gaia Is there to respond to these choices and prepare for the potentials. “

~ The Original Whales

The Source Of All Elements

Every matter in the universe is created from Water. Water is the counterpart to Gravity and Time that creates the physical reality you see around you. Your relationship to water, is more important than you presently know.


“Everything in life has cycles. Time has cycles, gravity has cycles, birth and death are a cycle, Earth has cycles and so on.”

The "Silver Tail" Whales Are Returning

They are returning. The Whales that long ago were present on Earth. They will be known as the Silver Tail. They are the ones that will help establish the new energetical frequency of the water on Earth.

Ambassador to the Whales

“There will come the day when humanity will have an Ambassador to the Whales. It will be a time when health, peace and prosperity is abundant on Earth and, your relationship to your star family is well understood. Beloved, this day is coming, sooner than you think.”
~ The Seven Founders.

The Earth's Crystalline Grid

You can view Earth’s Crystalline Grid when you observe the horizon on a clear sunny day. The horizon is essential because your eyes must adjust to the peripheral vision of the extended distance. (This is being thought by Eddie)  

The Source Of All Elements

The Seven Founders – The Original Whales
Update from February 13, 2023.
We just completed one major step.
This was a shift of about 30 in time-variance.
This took us to a new timeline, a new potential.
And so today, as of recent weeks,
we have stepped into a new time-variance.
This means your Planet is completely different.
You and Earth are vibrating differently.
New advanced time and density.

Life In Your Solar System

“Any planet that holds water, even in small quantity, has the capacity to develop life. Yes, there is life on other planets in your solar system.”
~ The Original Whales.


“You now know that Self-love is the profound key to higher consciousness, wait when you discover the path to Soul-love. Your projection of Source, will be revealed.”
~ The Seven Founders

Your Relationship to Water and Whales

When You Begin To Harmonize Earth’s Water With Us, You Will Witness Our Profound Relationship.
~The Seven Founders

Whales Are Everywhere

Any planet that has the potential to evolve life, the Original Whales will assign whale souls to work with the planet. No planet can evolve life without the presence of the Whales. 

Your Capacity in The Physical

Your finite mind cannot grasp or understand, the greatness of Source.

Welcome to New Lumorria

There are huge crystals under this ancient land waiting for us to activate them and our DNA in the process.
I’m here because the Whales brought me to this rock. I only knew I must travel north.
This magical trip is still unfolding.
They showed me that in this area (which I will reveal later ), there was a land bridge to the original Lumorria. This bridge was more than just a road and it had to do with energy.
I will update you again, soon.
Sending you all tons of love.

Who Are The Original Seven?

The Seven Founders are not the whales you see on Earth. They are the ancestors of the whales on Earth. Like us, whales have a lineage that goes back billions of years. The Seven Founders are the original Whales that established life in our universe. This only begins to give us an understanding of the importance of our water family. The connection, the majesty, the depth of our relationship to water. Water is life, water exists because it is one of four “ingredients” that created everything.
1- Consciousness
2- Gravity
2- Time
4- Water
We breathe and transmute water. We have special receptors in our body that are responsible for this nuclear powerhouse.
Our relationship to water is as profound as our DNA relationship to the Whales.
The book is coming.
Tons of love from the ocean.

13-Year Cycles

Our distribution of the water-codes that are delivered to us from Source, is based on a 13-year cycle. There is a measurement taken at the beginning and the end of every cycle. This measurement from the creator is there to help our evolution.
~ The Seven Founders

March 17th 2023 The Unexpected Meeting

Something astonishing and unexpected happened yesterday. My friend and I decided to end the long work week breathing in the ocean and sunset. This was unplanned men ride to clear our minds and ready for a restful weekend with our families.
Malibu/Zuma beaches are known for seals otters, dolphins, and whales. The whales however, are a few miles away which requires a boat to sail out to meet them.
What took place 30 minutes later while in our comfortable chairs, was a whale that appeared out of nowhere, only 100 feet away from the sandy beach in front of us. From what I could tell, it was a young humpback.
The next time it surfaced was in much deeper waters and we could see the rest of the pod making their way into the sunset.
This month is a year marks the 1st anniversary of when “The Seven Founders” first introduced themselves to me.
This was an unexpected profound gift and confirmation.
We will have a book eventually but I can’t wait that long to share with you their teachings and messages.
In the coming days, I will launch the Free classes series to share with you all ASAP.
The videos will be available on my platform Vortex (
You are invited to register now for a free user account and when the classes are ready you can log in and start the amazing journey of The Original Whales.
We look forward to meeting all of you.
~ Eddie and the Whales.

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