Global Healing Session 1 – Transmute “CoronaV”

Calling all Energy-Healers to join us on a day of incredible intent to transmute the coronavirus into a healthy-organism.

“Vote Compassion” to Measure Your Compassion.

Session Complete


Because we can and we are. 


With our combined love and compassion we focus on transmuting the “coronavirus” on all levels. Meaning the DNA of the organism and the fear it caused, is transformed quickly and profoundly.


Date – February 6th 2020.
Time – Sunrise to sunset wherever you are located.



Who can join?


I’m not a healer, how can I help?

Pray, meditate, sing, dance…. all are a form of energy movers.
Your intention is key!
Have a ceremony with candles and crystals or lovingly sit under a tree with compassionate thoughts and feelings.
You are part of the whole and the whole is part of you. Together with focused-intent we are profoundly powerful.

Where can we connect?

Join the event:

Community wall on Vort8x:

or Facebook:


Published 2-2-2020

Measure Your Compassion

The objective is to find out how compassionate this healing event is. 

For the first 5 seconds, you will see your own result before it is combined into a collective-average.

  • Click once.
  • No Personal Information is Needed.
  • The Tool Detects Your Energy The Moment You “VOTE”.
  • The more compassion the organization evokes in you, the higher they will rank.
    Click here to learn how it works

What If I Get Zero?

 Does NOT mean you are not a compassionate person!
Compassion is a state-of-being just like love, anger or joy and for each state, there are different levels of experience.  

Why Measure Compassion?

Our goal is to promote compassionate actions in world communities. We offer the Compassion Gauge Tool on specific pages with the intent to inspire people and organizations to meld compassion into their mission and values.
The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher the results.

Eddie BenAbraham

President and co-founder

Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Your generosity will assist in our continued development of the Compassion Tool and community effort worldwide to make our planet healthier and happier to live in.

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