The Solar Flare & Your DNA – What To Expect & Heal The Potentials

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Note From Eddie:
This is the most intense and critical message from The Founders that I’ve publicly shared to date. Please share with everyone, we must take charge of our reality in a conscious, loving, and compassionate way. If you have any questions feel free to use this form to contact me directly.
Tons of love dear brothers and sisters.
Light Has Won!

Channeled by Edde BenAbarahm March 1st, 2023

Greetings beautiful souls we are The Seven Founders – The Original Whales.

We are in this new space of time and consciousness, this new gravitational aspect that resides within the framework of balance that is aligned with your upcoming timeline trajectory. 

Dear human, we are here to code the instruction of the creator into the water. It is our job and has been, for eons. We are the original family from the world of water. Your relationship to the whales is deep within your layers of DNA and your ancestral lineage. You are not here living life on Earth by accident. Far from it, this gameboard you call life has been in the making for millions of years. Just like Earth, new planets are being created to start the “bedrock” to which your star-children will continue to evolve on the cosmic seas of creation. 

You are not alone, you are family, and you have all the “markings” to show these relationships you carry inside every cell of your body. The historical imprints of the shift you’ve gone through on earth are layered in the chromosomal book. Your life on Earth has been more important than you know at this time. We share these details with you so you know that we are here to ignite the memory of your original family. We are here to help bring forth the level of awareness that has the capacity to hold within it, the grand evolutionary jump that is coming. 

Your Sun is reversing its activity in response to the photonic and source-field that is now influencing your solar system, and its region. These quantum “reverberations” are the result of a massive wave of light heading your way. It is coming and when it reaches your Solar System, it will help ignite your Sun to produce the Crystalline-Gamma. These types of quantum and subatomic energy plasma, will help Earth and humanity evolve into the new 5th-dimensional density. Your sun is acting differently because it knows, it is conscious and aware of the potentials. The area in space you are moving through is a trajectory that you chose many years ago. Yes, dear ones, you have a direct effect on the trajectory of your solar system. Science can see this by calculating the difference between the succession in the axis angular shift each of the planets in your Solar System has gone through in the last 80 years. You will notice a slight adjustment in one particular direction.

The families and tribes of whales on Earth are in continuous work to implement the new source coding into the water. This is an ongoing work that whales are in charge of every day since they first arrived on Earth. 

Dear Founders, does that mean that whales were seeded on Earth just like us? Yes. 

Every planet that has the capacity to initiate life, receives the proper assistance to help elevate life to a greater level of awareness and consciousness. This is the law of the universe. The benevolence of Source, the mighty Creator – It is the will of God. You are not a random DNA that somehow made it here, no. Your journey to this point in time was planned and with a multitude of potentials. You are here by design. Your Sun is not a threat, it will not cause destruction or any other cataclysmic event. You can set aside your fears and know that your “moment” on Earth is moving into something so profound that we cannot describe it in words. What we can do, is share what to expect.

What To Expect

Your DNA and 24 chromosomes are the keys to understanding why the solar event is so important. Your star family contributed to the “marriage” of the particular strands and soul-elements inside you. This goes back to the last major cycle 2.5 million years ago and then, to the more recent one of the last 250 thousand years. Think of your growth and development reaching a point where all the elements in your DNA, and chromosomal structure, are ready to “meld” together. This so-called meld will bring the capacity of your existence to a whole new level. This means that what you’ve been preparing for is one you don’t want to miss. Because your presence is essential to the future of humanity and the children that are ready to incarnate right after the solar event. 

Your DNA layers are intact and active however, their efficiency in relation to your current expression, is not optimal. The new energy from the Sun will “marry” the codes that have been sitting dormant for thousands of years. This will usher in the New Human on The New Earth. You are here now because you planned it, you wanted this, and you stood in line to be here on Earth during this grand event. Do you understand what we are saying? You are here because you’ve prepared yourself for this for 2.5 million years. 

The journey you took is not linear or simple to describe, you have done incredible work and the entire universe is aware of your grand achievements, and this next one, is unprecedented. The enormity of what you are about to experience is sending waves of excitement to every corner of the cosmos. Your star family and relatives are here, protecting and observing your every step. Free Choice is the catalyst in which we must maneuver our assistance with. The universal laws must be followed as they are the foundation for every civilization on any planet. Your Planet is no different but your DNA and its heritage are. 

The solar event is en route and you can see it using your sensitive instruments. When you look between Jupiter and Mars there is a line of energy that emits a different frequency. This line is perpendicular to the two planets (Mars and Jupiter).

Our message today in this new energy of the third month, number 3 is the catalyst for change. You are on track toward the potentials of the future that are set to take place because you asked for them.

Heal The Potentials

We have a challenge for you dear human, this challenge is for you to learn the power you have over your reality. We are saying it is time to take responsibility for your present and future. This is your graduation status, becoming a responsible Civilization that is accountable for the choices it makes. 

There are three events on the potential timeline. We will share these three potentials with minimal details because we want you to focus on shifting the effects and outcome of these events using your power of creation. The first event has to do with your ocean in the pacific northwest. Second is the ground underneath the European continent. Third, is the continent of North America around the state you call Utah. Now that you know these areas we ask that you focus your consciousness to send the required energy to shift and heal the potentials on the timeline. Do so by focusing your energy on each potential separately. You can use prayer and ceremony of love and compassion. 

Remember, you are conscious creators and you have the power to shift your reality. 

This year requires you to rise above what you have known all your life, go above your personal limiting beliefs, and your ancestral pain and bondage. The past has provided you with the lessons to grow into the magnificent human you are today. We challenge you to see the new Earth, The Golden Age existing NOW in your heart.

We are grateful and in love with you.
Your family, The Seven Founders – The Original Whales

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