The Graduating Souls Of New Earth

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Tons of love dear brothers and sisters.
Light Has Won!

Channeled by Edde BenAbarahm April 2nd, 2024

Beloved souls of Earth we are The Seven Founders representing The Original Whales from the galaxy of water. We are present, ready to wash your feet with our immense love and gratitude for the monumental work you have done in recent months. 

Your galactic family is aware and present with their loving support to assist you during the shift. This is no secret, you already know this. You know you are not alone in the universe and your origin is a mixture of galactic beauty. Your divine self requires recognition and for that reason, you shine bright like a beacon of light that is seen through the known universe. 

 The bridge is set, you have arrived at the pinnacle point of what we can see as your timeline trajectory. Your potential futures reached a moment of final allocation within the timeline you are on. This means that from now on, as you travel through the upcoming shift with your sun, your reality will be on a steady path to completing the galactic cycle with some relief. 

Dear ones, we say relief because thanks to your hard work, you have changed the outcome in ways that have affected the potentials of your timeline. Some of the events will not take place and some will be less “dramatic”. This doesn’t mean that you will not experience the effects of the shift on a grand scale. You will feel the level of stress and fear that comes along with such a transition to a higher-dimensional reality. No one is exempt from God’s will. 

For many of you, this shift is familiar, because you have gone through it many times in your previous expressions on other graduating planets. Your history as a soul is not finite, it is vast, expansive, and very rich in the experiences you have gone through. We ask that you cherish these times and know that you have successfully graduated together with Gaia. 

We wish to expand on the subject we call “future trajectory”. We have described this during previous channels and we must speak about this again in this setting and timing.

We begin with the choices every soul makes throughout a lifetime and then over multiple lifetimes. While one soul makes a choice many other souls choose and all together create a movement towards potentials on the future timeline. This movement builds mass and as the collective matures over many lifetimes, the trajectory begins to take a direction that has a stronger momentum in a particular direction. 

This momentum is strong when the collective is unified with their choice. Shifting the potential requires a greater force derived from choices made by a large percentage of souls. 

What you created was exactly such force. The trajectory shifted slightly to be placed on a new path. Congratulations beloved souls. 

Your sun will resonate with a new time-variance as you enter the gates of the new space density. Early on we delivered the details to our speaker, the details about the four elements of reality; Consciousness, Time, Gravity, and Water. These are the fundamental elements of reality.

When Consciousness shifts, it has a direct effect on Gravity, Time, and Water. 

As your solar system travels further into lower density, adjustments to all four elements of creation are inevitable. This remarkable and biblical shift happens in unison as well as your consciousness and DNA. Your sun is the bearer of the codes needed for the activation. Your sun is the transmitter of codes that lead you to greater awareness and graduation.

This new density and time-variance will cause your solar system to increase its relative speed by a fraction of 12.

As you approach the critical point, the energetical anomalies will increase in their intensity and you can already feel them. Your physical and emotional “containers” feel time loosening up, and you find yourself “missing” time and dizzy with no tangible reason to.

These anomalies create fractures in timelines but because you are entering a consolidation of potentials, these fractures will end very quickly as you pass the critical mass of your collective choices. 

A beautiful New Earth is waiting for you across the bridge and you are on track to reach it. Your journey through the challenging times ahead is necessary. Similar to a mother giving birth, the pain and fear are inevitable and at some point in time the surrender to God’s will is paramount.

We speak of these analogies to help you see what you need to prepare yourself for. Your strength resides in your connection with the Grand Creator – God.

We ask you to create a safe space for yourself in your heart and keep nurturing that sacred space with love and compassion. When you seek assistance during the shift, we will be there in that inner space, ready to hold you strong with our love.

We are the Seven Founders in love with humanity.

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