Old Soul & Young Soul

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Beautiful souls, here is a simple example of “Reincarnation-Math”.

In order to maintain simplicity, this example is based on a linear-trajectory of the soul.

Considering the many possibilities for the age of death, I set the average lifespan for each incarnation at 30 years.

Our current civilization’s history started around 250,000 years ago, but 220k is better aligned with our example.

220k / 30 = 7333 possible incarnations.

Consider the time periods Earth was under the influence of major events during which fewer souls incarnated.

This adjusts the number to a modest 5000 incarnations.

Now my question to you is this, dear Soul:

How many lifetimes have you incarnated on Earth?

The more you have, the Older your Soul-Piece is and the fewer, the younger you are.

Remember though, that you are infinite from Soul’s perspective – Source creator.

The so-called Old Soul and Young Soul are simply a reflection of how many lifetimes you have experienced on Earth. If you had additional experiences on other planets, while you are still in contract to continue work on Earth, then you have managed to accumulate more life-experience to help evolve on Earth and, help others achieve a greater embodiment of God.

Some of you are the Originals, the ones who were here since the beginning of this cycle, and, the rest, arrived at later times. Each at their own divine timing.

The key here is to grasp how young we are as a civilization. We are graduating from the “Earth Cosmic Kindergarten School”. And next, we have the opportunity to advance to First Grade. Where we gain more responsibility and an increased level of awareness.

New School, new teachers, new exciting things to learn about.

In this new school, you get to live longer, healthier, and on a peaceful and abundant planet.

Remember what I’ve said many times before. To successfully transition into New Earth, we must increase the level of compassion on Earth. It is the prerequisite we must achieve to enter the higher-density reality.

Are you ready for New Earth?

Pssst… It’s already here.

Love you tons
Eddie BenAbraham

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