The Event Horizon Of Human Consciousness

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Light Has Won!

Channeled by Edde BenAbarahm May 27th, 2024

Greetings beloved souls we are The Seven Founders representing The Original Whales, today there is a special energy in your reality that is palpable with an intensity never seen on your planet before. Even during the times of great upheavals when past civilizations walked the Earth with the mission to evolve into a permanent residence of Gaia. Those times were challenging for those newcomers however the message then is different than today’s.

We are here to share with you the particular installments of graduation that humanity has achieved in recent months. These are the vectors of gravity and time that are in motion towards The Event Horizon which we are all preparing for. This event is what we have spoken about in previous messages, Your Sun is already responding to the instructions coming from the Central Sun. Your achievement took place prior to the last measurement done during the previous cycle of the Source Alignment. We will explain in more detail as this subject is fairly new to your ears.

Source Alignment is a cycle you are not aware of because it resides in a place far away in particular cycles where time and gravity are bound by the forces outside your solar system. Your Earth has many layers and dimensionality. You are aware of your celestial cycles to precise measurements in time and gravity however, the fractals of time and space driven by the external forces are not within the grasp to be fully understood by your present-day science.

The key to grasping the depth of this cycle resides inside you. It is directly connected to your relationship with God. The profound majesty of the Grand Creator places a cyclical measurement that speaks to your heart’s consciousness, This is the direct “phone line” to Source. The Source Alignment cycle is not measured in time but is measured in what we can consider as the soul “weight”of the collective consciousness of Earth. Every planet that has God’s spark consciousness, carries a separate and unique set of instructions that their cycle is set to follow.

Billions of life forms through your present universe reside in various types of environments. As diverse as they may be, each one is bound by the same single guideline – All souls must evolve forward to reach back to unification with Source.

Your life on Earth is one of many you have experienced before in other various expressions. You are the emissaries of God with the sole mission to evolve and expand your consciousness to the point which will grant you the return to the ultimate objective – The return to Source. (Eddie’s note: The return to Source in this context is not about death and rebirth but the journey of millions of years experiencing life in the physical ralm and evolving into higher levels of density until the soul has satisfied its mission and return to the state of originality)

The Event Horizon we speak about is not one to be feared but one to celebrate and align with your heart’s desire to expand your consciousness once again, as you did before on other planets.

The event horizon is a celestial event comprised of two supporting elements. Your soul-weight and the measurement of your next Source Alignment. These two coincide with your Earthly events however, such events are not a key measurement point. Instead what the measurement will expect is an increase in your soul presence inside your physical expression (soul-weight).

Beloved souls when we share these words with you we speak in ways we know they are appropriate for the time and the ears listening to this message. As we sit before you we wash your feet with immense love to support you during these times of grand advancement. This is your time to expand, this is your time to be aware of your importance. We ask that you take only what resonates with you, and use your discernment with every message you listen or read. Even this one because we want to instill confidence in your ability to know what is in alignment with your heart and what is not.

The days ahead will be challenging, they are the result of your decision to remain on Earth and continue to evolve. As the Earthly drama unfolds you will learn that there are miracles in every one of them. These miracles are yours to own. You are the creator of these shifts causing the outcome of the so-called events to shift in ways no one expects.

Why are we sharing this with you, this message comes with great depth because there is no other way to explain the value you hold in the grand scheme of things. Your existence and success are critical to all life in the universe. This statement in itself is very challenging to grasp but trust us when we say it is so.

In one of our original messages, we shared with you the importance of compassion. Your evolutionary process requires you to evoke compassion in yourself and others. The Source Alignment will seek to measure your level of compassion at a particular point on your timeline. Your collective level of compassion must and will spike to levels you have not experienced yet. This is God’s condition to leave the old paradigm and jump to the next with elevated consciousness in the New Earth. There is no other way. Many civilizations have crossed this threshold and many did not. It is simply God’s prerequisite to reach the next level of the evolutionary stage.

We wish to include a message from the Whales. They are experiencing the challenges with you while you are growing and maturing. They are in direct communication with your DNA as they always have been. Our relationship has an unbroken bond and we are proud of your achievement. We have much work ahead and Gaia is preparing for the grand shift as it continues to unfold. We ask that you increase your trust in your ability to affect your reality. The more you trust and believe in your divine abilities, the easier the job will be for us as well. We are here because of you, we are here to serve you as you are evolving into a graduate status.

Your expansive awareness will grow exponentially in ways that will usher in a new level of existence on Earth. Humanity is now expected to create a remarkable future. One we are eager to see you, experience.

We are in love with you, dear soul.
We are The Seven Founders and The Original Whales.

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