The Biblical Event & Earth’s Souls

The Biblical Event & Earth’s Souls

Channeled by Eddie BenAbarahm December 17th, 2022

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Greeting sweet souls, we are The Seven Founders – The Original Whales; these are the incredible times of the shift you have been preparing for. The thousands of lifetimes, one after the other throughout every incarnation. The experiences, the lessons, the teachings, the wisdom, and yes, the struggles, each life-cycle prepared you for this moment, this lifetime, this magnificence, that is the true image of God.

You know that you are in these times as you planned it carefully with your ancestral family. You are the Spheres that know God very well. You reside within the quantumness of Source along with the expression of what you call your physical body. We are here with you in the quantum and the physical. Your family from the Universe of Water, we are here by design and on time to share with you and incode your DNA with the intended instructions for the New Earth. Gaia is here with us delivering her instructions, as well as the divine family of Time and Magnetics; we are one with Source, as so are you. Behind the curtain of your physical reality, there is so much you don’t know about. The family that is here, present, and with its grand excitement to be here with you and see you graduate with Gaia for the first time.

Your evolutionary achievement is there to expand its brightness across the universe and the multiverse. Your star families are here and in service and protection, more now than ever before. The Galactic Federation and the Alliance of Andromeda is your family, your brothers, and sister, you can feel the enormity of these moments as the gathering of the families collectively, carry you and guide you through the vortex, to the next level of Creative Source, the so-called 5th-dimensional density.

You are a moment away from the event that will shape the consciousness of all the courageous souls of Earth. Your future will abruptly shift in the three elements of creation, to unravel the new reality that awaits. This reality is pristine; it is the brand new “canvas” that humanity has the complete responsibility to plant, nourish, and grow the present and future potentials. Your new “workbook” has NO predestined point but instead, a future that is constantly shifting and shaping into potentials that are in direct instructions from the commonality of choices of Earth’s Souls.

These choices are intricately “calculated” to form a trajectory that is set in motion by the forces of free choice. These choices are the ones that each and every one of you is here to make. This is what we wish to examine with you today. The influences of free choice, the mechanics of your individual choices, and that of the collective. Free choice is an engine that has the capacity to draw potential realities in no time. Your density and soul-lesson determine the time and gravity variance to which best fits your experience at any given time cycle. Time cycles are measured in sequences that are apart from one another. These cycles are unique to Earth’s position within the sector in which your Solar System is traveling through. This journey is in direct relationship to the center of your galaxy and source instructions arriving from the center – The Central Sun. 

Every soul is infinite; however, the physical expression (physical body) requires you, dear soul, to learn how to exist on Earth. Gravity and time are the two main ingredients you must first learn about. When you incarnated for the very first time, you were adjusting yourself to these unique parameters of reality. Your first incarnations were short and abrupt to help you acclimate to your new physicality. The ancient soul was put on the physical realm of Earth to be called the new soul. Thousands of years of birth, life, death, and rebirth have brought you to this point. Earth has a different gravity and time variance now than the one you experienced when you first arrived.

The present moment is the accumulation of experiences, some of which you do not want to remember however, you are already in a place, in your advancement, that allows you the inclination to view the ones you choose to gather the information that you desire and value. Your connection to the past is now an open door, ready to utilize for additional growth while in this present expression (body). You have the choice to receive and utilize the gifts you have achieved in past lives and bring them to this present.

The lifetimes of each and every one of you, are not the same, but similar in attributes and types of lessons. Your consciousness had to mature and expand your capacity to serve God’s-Will. You are now seeing the grand game shifting and many see the shift as profound and necessary; however, not all souls share a similar understanding. This is because you are not all the same age and not here for the same reason.

Let’s use the analogy of the layered cake. Mother baked a cake that has three layers. The bottom layer takes longer to bake and requires additional ingredients to establish a suitable foundation and it is shorter than the upper layers. The second layer arrives later; it is relatively lighter, not as dense, and took less time to bake. The top third layer requires fewer steps to create. This cake cannot be a cake unless all layers are aligned and meticulously prepared.

Earth has three layers of souls. The first one is the foundation. It is old, very old. Some have made their contribution since the time of Earth’s creation. Many of you remember when you were here doing the work with Gaia. Later you came from other planets to experience Earth in various ways and lastly, 250 thousand years ago. That was the beginning of your current cycle, during which you established the DNA marriage with your parental races. 

Since that time, you have gone through many revelations, revolutions, and cycles. Your soul is equipped with a plethora of profound experiences that you know and feel inside you. How many of you call yourself an old soul? This is not a trend, dear ones; this is a knowingness that resides deep within your DNA, your Akash, and your consciousness. You are here because you chose to.

Let’s have a look at the energetical-mass that each layer of souls holds, and what is the relationship to the other trajectories of your future. These are the periods when you see yourself as the creators of life, the captains of the grand ship – humanity. The core layer of the old souls has a larger energetical-mass than the layers above. These souls are relatively fewer in number; however, they have the capacity to steer humanity in any direction when united in a particular choice.

Free choice for the core layer, has more “power” over the other two layers combined. 

The middle layer carries the catalyst for redirecting humanity because of the number of souls at that level of awareness. The key here is that your soul has the capacity to assist the bottom layer only when it is aligned with the mission at hand. If not, it will create resistance that will delay, hold back, or cancel a potential. These are not necessarily the type of choices that some souls consciously identify with at the middle or top layers. Their resistance is driven by the lack of soul-maturity while on Earth. These souls are the so-called direct students of the bottom layer.

Every planet requires a balance in energy to facilitate God’s will. The balance shifted over eons during the cycles for each past civilization on earth. They each had to produce accurate and divine balance to match the ascension trajectory. 

The top layer is essential because God’s will is part of everything in creation. The benevolent expansion of God – LOVE.

The top layer is your grandchildren of the future. They are here to learn and experience life to help usher in the new expansion on Earth, and other future inhabitable planets. The uniqueness of Earth is profound and cherished across the vastness of creation. You are here to expand the light of God through your physical expression, in ways that you are only now beginning to understand. This new journey you are on is one that has been in the making for 2.5 million years. During that time your ancestors missed the “mark” not because they were not ready but the balance of the energetical-mass was not the size that could take the civilization to graduate status. That took Earth on a detour to accumulate the necessary experience and grow while going through one revolution around the center of the galaxy. 

Today, you are ready and in proper alignment with the ascension parameters to catapult humanity to the next evolutionary process. As we said before, there is a requirement for you to make it through the “mark”. This catalyst is a particular energy that must be present on Earth during the shift; this energy is – Compassion. This particular state of being is the one necessary to achieve the expansion of consciousness to the degree that will shape the awareness of humanity into the new variance of time and gravity.

Beloved souls, you are on track and in time for the Event; the one coming through the central sun and your own sun. Shifting dimensional density is no easy feat to reach. Your soul must be mature and equipped with the capacity to hold the additional light frequencies coming in to generate the new vibrational reality of a graduate civilization.

Your sun is preparing for the photon wave that is now within your vicinity. These particles will ignite the Sun’s corona particles and form the violet-rays (purple) designed to help carry Earth to the next dimensional reality.

We, the Original Whales are here and have always been here with you. We are your family in charge of orchestrating life through the consciousness of water. The divine coding of Source is on its way to expand your DNA and your Souls Mantle Grid, the engine of the soul’s expression. You are learning quickly to adjust to the new instructions; you are feeling the burden in your physical and emotional bodies as these intense energies are being encoded. You know that you are in the middle of something; that you are not sure how it is all correlated. What is going on inside you is a reflection of the cosmic synopsis preparing you for the jump.

You are not only acclimating to these new DNA instructions, but you are relieving yourselves from old burdens. Those energetical imprints you have carried with you over lifetimes. These are the residual Akashic events that no longer serve you. Think of these as the last baggage you have carried with you for a few lifetimes. These must be dissolved, transmuted, and cleared. As this takes place you will clear the needed room in your vessel. Your capacity to hold more of God’s light, will be greater and aligned with the shift.

Gaia is aware and is working with you through this divine journey, you have done the work, and you made this possible, congratulations, beautiful souls. You have reached the moment you’ve been waiting for. The moment you incorporate more of God’s love into your expression.

We are grateful, and in love with you.
Your family, The Seven Founders – The Original Whales

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