This Time, It’s Different

This Time, It's Different

Seven or even four years ago, you didn’t “Know” how to recognize shifts in energy.

Today, you are openly sharing your experiences with newly found family and even, practicing your newfound powers of intuition through, meditation, sound, breathing, crystals, tarot and other.

This is only the beginning of your ascension process and guess what, NO ONE is left behind.

Many years ago we have reached a period in our evolution where the aspects of the challenges we faced had similar attributes to what we are experiencing now. Back then, we had to restart the game because we did not preserve the fundamental values of life.

Source requires balance and when there is non, there must be a reset. In our history we went through many types of resets, some are recorded in scriptures and many can be found under or, above ground around our planet.

One of the so-called mistakes of the time was that we had the belief, that only some in our society are qualified to advance. Science and human consciousness were drifting far apart at an alarming rate, in a similar fashion to our recent advancement but today, it is different. This time no one is left behind.

Some will choose to exit the game so they can return “fresh” and contribute to the transition, all by divine choice. The rest will remain to fully engage in the ascension process while in the physical expression.

This time we chose to stay and make the corrections we set ourselves to achieve and this will lead us to a beautiful future.

I ask that you trust and believe without any doubt that LIGHT HAS WON.

Sending you all tons of love
~ Eddie BenAbraham

Ascending Into Your Heart’s Awareness

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