The Golden Trajectory Of Earth and Humanity

The Overview From Source

The Seven Founders – The Original Whales

Channeled by Eddie BenAbarahm December 7th, 2022

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Greetings beautiful souls we are The Seven Founders – The Original Whales, we wish to speak about Gaia – your beloved Mother Earth. If you asked a scientist, they would tell you that one spot on the planet has no relationship to another location on the opposite side of the globe. This understanding represents a void in the awareness of today’s science. This lack of awareness will soon shift into a more direct and clear comprehension of the deep and unbroken connection of each part on Earth.

Every part of Gaia is intertwined in a beautiful dance of divine awareness.  

 There is no separation, Gaia is aware and alive. Every location on the surface, underground, underwater, in the air or atmosphere is felt, simultaneously. Let’s take a look at this from your own physical body’s perspective. You are aware and feel the touch of your own mother’s hand when she gently and lovingly holds your hand while you walk beside her. Every cell in your body responds to her touch. Even your internal organs respond. You are one with your body, and so is Gaia – she is one with her existence and the possibilities you have set for yourselves as a collective. 

Choices are an accumulative “substance” that becomes the catalyst. This catalyst is the reason, the “engine” that creates the potential trajectories into possible realities that you – dear human – are responsible for. Gaia Is there to respond to these choices and prepare for the potentials with you and will continue to assimilate your instructions (free choice) for as long as you choose to remain on this gameboard of life. 

This part of Space you are traveling through is different from the previous one you have traveled for approximately 6000 years. This new segment entails gravity and time variables that are set to encompass your collective-choice instructions. This means that this Golden segment in space is designed to carry hold the proper elements of your transition from old human to the new ascended human consciousness. 

The question that will arise is, what if the human collective consciousness did not make the mark, and veer away from the potential of ascension and graduation?

Gaia is on a particular trajectory of movement through your galaxy because there are variables in the substance of reality. These are orchestrated by the Grand Creator, and they are in a constant shift that is in direct relationship to the desire of the consciousness of the Earth. This means that you are on this particular path because of what you chose. If you did not make the mark, your trajectory would have been similar but not immersed in the variables of Time and Gravity you are now in. 

(Eddie’s note: The subject of time and gravity was one of the first details The Original Whales presented. The 1 and 3 – Time, Gravity, Water, and Consciousness. These are the prime ingredients of reality.)

Gaia is entering a new ascended body just like you are, and she is feeling, and experiencing the transitions just like you are. The only difference is, you have cells, muscles bones, and tissues.  Gaia has her own ingredients of physical expression – minerals that make the earth, molecules that compose the air, water, source water, crystals, gold, oil (crude oil petroleum), and more. These are all necessary to maintain balance and “extrude” the reality she is expressing for you in the air, water, land, and energy. 

You are non-other than the ones who are instructing God to create the reality around you. We, The Seven Founders are responsible for coding the water, the ground, and the air. Kryon, are the Masters of Gravity (Channeled by Lee Carroll), and the Keepers of Time are the Aouragons – The Council Of 9 (Eddie’s note: I ask that you separate any information you read about The Council of 9, because of much hidden and misinformation about them. They are the divine and benevolent group, the masters responsible for gravity in our universe)

Gaia has entered a new trajectory and she is already well within the framework of the new time and gravity variables, that are exerting the so-called “pressure”. These forces are felt not only by your Mother Earth, but it are also felt by every part of your existence in your reality, and the six (6) reality potentials, simultaneously. Your energetic, emotional, and physical are transmuting the shift on all levels. The realities coincide with past potentials that did not come into existence and because of that, you are experiencing increased levels of what you call “Symptoms”. 

Shifts in timelines and the collapse of “vacant” realities are expected during the precision of the equinox and these are the times you are in. When you crossed 2012, the middle point of the 36-year transition, you collectively gained new codes from Source, the Grand Creator. Sweet souls, you are working the Light of God through your DNA and you are doing it all now, as these words are being written (December 2022), and you will continue to, as these energies will intensify in the coming months. You must understand that we are expressing these details for you so you become aware of what is taking place, and know how to posture yourself for the coming shifts on the horizon. 

This is a message of love from the ones who have been here for eons, nurturing life and facilitating God’s will with such profound benevolence that is unfathomable by humanity at this stage. 

Gaia’s heart-centers are making the headlines in your news, know that these events are on track and necessary to bring you the new Coding of Light you requested. Your experiences are recorded in the Akash and are known throughout the Universe, celebrated by all existence. We are here because of your success, and we are in awe of your achievement. 

We are grateful and in love with you.
Your family, The Seven Founders – The Original Whales

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