No More Timeline Collapse – The New Reality

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Beautiful souls, there are no more time timelines to collapse. What you have been feeling recently is the shift in the Time-Variance on Earth and our Solar System.

What does that mean, Eddie?

It simply means that our relationship with Time, is expanding into a new segment of reality. I know this may sound even more confusing. Ill explain from the top.

There are four (4) [1&3 = 13] “ingredients” to reality:

1- Consciousness.
2- Gravity.
3- Time.
4- Water.

For many years now humanity has been increasing its level of consciousness; more so in the last 30. When consciousness shifts, it has a direct effect on Time, Gravity, and Water. We are nearing a critical mass in our evolutionary process and as we near closer and closer to our intended position, we are learning to take on GREATER RESPONSIBILITY OF OUR REALITY. How is this related to your recent experiences of missing-time, fast time, extra sleep, and more strange numbers on your clocks? This is the shift of Time-Variance to one that you are not accustomed to YET. This is also the training period needed for each of us to become a RESPONSIBLE REALITY CREATORS.

The time factor between desire and manifestation is diminishing – down close to ZERO. Your reality is becoming your FULL responsibility.

This entails your own personal reality and that of the Collective and Planet. This is surely the lifetime you’ve been waiting for!

Humanity’s consciousness is graduating and moving into a new Earth- The Golden Age. With that, come the associated gifts and the EXPONENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES!

The question to you now, dear brothers and sisters – What future will you choose?

Love you tons
Eddie BenAbraham

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