The Clusters of Souls Across The Universe

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Light Has Won!

Channeled by Edde BenAbarahm July 16th, 2023

Greetings beautiful souls we are The Seven Founders and The Original Whales.

We arrived at the point of middle, the middle of the year cycle, and on a day of 777 (July 16, 2023)  what a beautiful measurement of energy exist in these vortexes of Earth. Humanity is rising and creating the reality with added responsibility. These are times to celebrate even though challenges are mounting and causing great disruption. These are not times of descent but times of ascension. Dear ones you chose the alignment of graduation and this is the path you must take to reach the new Earth. The new era of peace, joy, health, prosperity, and freedom. 

Today we share with you the knowledge of the ancients and the overview of your origin and destination. The idea of you being infinite is challenging to grasp especially from the seeing perspective while you reside in the physical vessel you embody. Your states of consciousness are multidimensional and are available to you to expand and visit each one separately. To help experience or see these additional realities you are part of. You are One in the sense of a physical beingness however the expanded YOU is present in other so-called realities simultaneously. 

Why are we stating these details you may ask. These are the foundation to your soul-map in the vastness of the universe, and the relationship you have to other planets and civilizations.

We are simply building the picture as we move forward in our message. We present new concepts that are not widely talked about to help widen the understanding of your existence and relationship to the Grand Creator – Source – God.

The Clusters Of Souls

Those are the clusters that represent closeness and relationship. It does not necessarily represent the closeness in the physical sense however, it is related to the relationship of one soul to another. There are large clusters of souls that reside in multidimensional space across the universe. These clusters are usually in the “area” where they are associated with a particular planet. Again, we’re not speaking about a space in a physical location. However, it is more concentrated in the area of which the planet they serve. 

The Souls of planet Earth are in a cluster. They are in the vicinity of your Solar System and therefore their association with the planet is strong. They are close however, in the multidimensional aspect of things there is family closeness with souls that are active on other planets located across the vastness of the Universe. The relationship of one soul to another soul, and that to another colony, or another cluster of souls in other galaxies, is a reference in which there is a relationship of family – Soul Family. Some are distant families and some is close relatives. 

The family which is oriented based on the closeness of Earth’s experience, is located 22 light years away from Earth. There are particular areas within the vastness of galaxies that are away from ”space noise”, influences from star systems where souls reside. If you speak about an area, this space is not within the physical realm. It’s in a different dimension and actuality. These areas in space offer the Souls the convenience of non-interference as they are doing the necessary work while they are back “Home”.

These areas are more active with the energy of Soul communication and collaboration with other clusters across the universe. If you observe these clusters and connective steams of vortexes, you will see that they resemble a multidimensional lattice that looks similar to that of electrical impulses of Neurons in your brain.

The Connective Steams of vortexes are timeless with the attribute of instant-presence. This means that your ability to be at any point across the universe is faster than that of a single thought. These are the “tunnels” that science observes as a void in the middle of space. These reflect a negative-beam similar to that of a Mini Black Hole. Not to confuse with the so-called grand Black Holes you see across galaxies. Those are major portals present at junctions between galaxies to produce the needed balance between them.

The Balance of Life

There is a balance across all existence and it is maintained across all dimensional aspects of each Universe. The clusters of souls have a value, energetical value which we will call the “Soul’s Life Value”. This value is measurable and detectable across the vastness of space. Life in the physical sense is the extension of that Soul’s Life Value. We again go back to the core of our teaching when we first started to communicate with our partner. This has to do with the Four (4=1+3) ingredients of existence: Consciousness, Time, Gravity, and Water.

When Source created the Universe it was an INSTANT of creation – The Spark. Within that INSTANT, everything was created. All Worlds, all Souls, all Timelines, all Possibilities, all Dimensions, and all Choices. The Spark, where everything already exists – infinitely.

This is a very challenging concept to grasp because of the way your mind perceives linear-based reality. 

The Clusters of Souls are pulsating, emanating energy. The sum of the Soul’s Life Value, from all the clusters in the present Universe together, this value, has a direct and proportional value to the values of Time, Gravity, and Mass of the Universe in which the Souls exist in. That is what we call the balance of life energy, Source energy. The connection between that Soul, the etheric, the energetic form that extends to what you call the soul-piece. That which is in complete meld with your physical body resides in the etheric and the multidimensional space, life. 

The consciousness of life in humans, animals, plants, water, and solids. Remember that water is a consciousness of its own. We’ve shared with you that Water is unique; it represents all matter.

The value of the entire Consciousness which we just spoke about. The energetical value of the entire system, that which resides in the multidimensional space is in a balanced state with the physical. 

The benevolent desire of Source is imbued within your Soul’s desire. Your innate desire to grow and evolve is sacred and powerful. It is the driving force that lovingly brings you back lifetime after lifetime. To return and continue to do the work in the physical reality. 

Your Soul evolves and moves forwards in its evolutionary process with the help of God’s desire to grow and expand, this is inside your DNA, the benevolence of the Almighty.

You are part of the so-called Clusters, families, colonies in different locations of the Universe. Just like yourself, other souls move forward in their evolutionary process they each reach a location, a place, a level of energetical value in which they are ready to ascend to the next value, the next resonance of their multidimensionality, a higher level of multidimensional existence. 

Earth is about to ascend and with this ascension, the entire Colony of Souls which you are part of, will ascend together with Gaia and Solar System. This is the reason why there is an urgency to play a part in such a monumental moment within this portion of time. As this ascension process unfolds there’s an urgency for souls from other Soul Colonies from across the Universe to participate in this experience to take part in this evolutionary leap. These souls have come to incarnate on Earth from different colonies on different planets, in different areas of the Universe. They’re here to play a role. They are here to assist and evolve in their own unique way while they are here working.

The dark is part of the agitation; it is the resistance that is pushing against your benevolent-will to grow and evolve. The dark does not simply exist because you’ve done wrong, it exists to help push you – to “pressurize” your experience. Darkness must exist. The darkness is the medium that creates resistance. Resistance is the key for a soul to grow. In a similar way, a diamond evolves into its state, without the pressure it will not become a diamond. The pressure on the soul that’s applied by the dark, is part of the “agitation”. Remember that dark energy is created by The Grand Creator and therefore the dark is a necessary part of reality and evolution. 

You are the extension of Source, created in the image of Source, You are the bearers of Light you are the lightworkers responsible for the reality you live in. Thanks to your choice, you have arrived at this monumental precipice. As you continue to step closer to the time of the shift, the pressure will continue to grow and it will be your job to counter the dark with your Light.

The light of God is so strong within every cell of your body. 

You have one mission, and that is to embody the awareness of God through the power of your consciousness. To choose light, to choose love and compassion. 

We are grateful and in love with you.

Your family, The Seven Founders, and The Original Whales.

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