Our Ascension? What It’s Really All About

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This is not about who knows more or, who has the best source with the latest intel.
It is not about who knows the truth or those trapped in the brainwashing machine’s induced false-reality.
It is not about money, control or greed.
It is not about who is aware of the largest, complex, and most dangerous world war that Earth has ever seen.

What if I told you that this is all about one thing, COMPASSION.

No planet can complete its ascension process without a massive increase in the state-of-compassion, of its inhabitants.
Compassion is the catalyst, the engine for the ascended civilization.

Think of it as the spark that makes the whole thing ignite into full vibrant colors.

How can we, an entire planet, be evoked to step into heightened state compassion? Worldwide event.

Think about the mothers and fathers who gave their children the j*b because they trusted their government.
Think about how they were terrified by the news and saw the needle as God’s miracle.
Think about the father who believed his doctor and trusted them so much, to inject his entire family.
Think about the children who will not grow with their parents beside them.
Think about the grandmothers losing their children and grandchildren because they didn’t know.
Think about the young children who lost their parents too soon.
Think about the entire villages, wiped out because they were forced to j*b.
Think about the men and women who knew something was wrong but caved under peer pressure and fear.
Think about ALL the families around the world, who were painfully affected by the isolation and lack of love.
Painful, beyond comprehension.

Think about the people of neighboring nations who now see that their wars were manipulated.
Think about the people of different religions finding out that hate and anger were deliberately created to keep them at war.
Think about the mothers who sent their children to war and die because it was all a plan by the evil monsters.

What are we going to do, dear family of Earth?
Are we going to step into rage?
Are we going to be angry at one another?
Are we going to give up and dive into depression? 
Are we going to be more fearful?
To all of that, I say yes.

Each region or city will experience such reactions in various degrees.
Some might even remain in fear for many years. 
These are natural ways we choose to, while experiencing challenges.
Above these emotional aspects of our human-nature there is one more.
Because of the increased level of consciousness, we are guided to embody more compassion.
Compassion is our ticket to the upcoming Golden Age.
We chose to ascend and because we did there is more light pouring into the planet. This is uncovering things that were lurking in the shadows, things we may have seen in the corner of our eyes but dismissed it.

We will not dismiss it any longer, because it is now shown to everyone, there is no denying the darkest of dark anymore.
We must cleanse our planet before we can step into the new earth, we must.
These evil monsters cannot be on earth while we make our jump to the Golden Age.
Light has already won, we made sure of it.
You may ask how is that possible while we are seeing so much pain and suffering around the world?
We chose to stay and continue the game of life on this beautiful blue marble and because we did so, we are going through these horrific challenges.
To describe in a simple analogy: When you are ready to renovate your home you will go through a period of discomfort and challenges, some expected and some not.

Compassion is the way, dear soul.
We must ascend above the familiar reactions and processes of our old human-nature and revive our world into a new.
Understanding the pain and struggles, seek the ways we will uplift one another and heal the wounds of the past.

This is no small task but it is what we chose and are destined to do and be – Compassionate Family of Earth.

~Eddie BenAbraham

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