Expanding Awareness

Welcome dear soul,

It is a pleasure and honor to feel your presence. Welcome to the first class of your profound transformation.

This class is about awareness. We will discuss the importance of awareness and about growing into the awareness we chose to reach in this present lifetime.

What is awareness?

  • The seer.
  • The consciousness.
  • The presence.
  • The intelligence.
  • The wisdom.

Of everything, you CAN BE at any given moment.

When we are born, our awareness is one that is still tender and relatively limited. When we grow, more of our soul-piece enters our physical expression (body) and therefore expands our consciousness. Each day we find that we are a little more "aware" than the previous one. With the help of awareness, we shape our lives with the choices we make.

Our awareness is powerful because it is one of the driving forces that shape our reality. Free-Choice is another critical one, the catalyst of life and our duty. We will cover more about free-choice in the upcoming classes.

You are very wise and ancient, been here on Earth many lifetimes before and will continue to return for many more.

Being in stillness is the fraction of reality's moment, where you bring yourself to stop all thinking and simply focus on your inner beauty. You stop all that is around you and outside of you, to bring the seer to live a moment in nothingness. This powerful nothingness is in fact everything that exists - The perfect time to honor yourself and express gratitude to all that you are.

From the moment we are born and take our first breath, the game of life begins. For your awareness, it is the starting line of the journey to increased awareness. You first become aware of sounds, temperature, gravity, touch and then mother's love - the most profound one that is closest to God's love. As life progresses, days, weeks, months and years, more of your soul-piece is able to "fill" the physical which then allows the opportunity to evolve through life lessons.

Teenage years into young adulthood and then fully responsible individual facing life ready to meet all the challenges and beauty. With the help of all the experiences, events and decisions we shape our character and what we've accomplished thus far.

Being aware of the past, present and future is a constant process we practice each hour of the day. Including portions of sleep time. Most of us are constantly in the past or future, not many practices living in the present moment.

I divided awareness into 3 layers: Basic, deep and divine.

Basic awareness - Is related to the things you are aware of through your 5 primary physical senses and memory.  It's all about the things you know, not what you don't know.

Examples: I'm aware of the light in the room, the noises coming from the street, aware that my tummy is growling and I need to eat, aware of the song playing on my stereo.

Deep awareness - becoming aware of something you didn't know about. You discovered this during an event that helped you understand there is something there to learn be aware of. I now know what I don't know

Example: I met my friend who said something which made me feel uncomfortable. Why did I feel uncomfortable? Did the conversation trigger something from my past?

Divine awareness - Comes directly from Source, your soul, body innate, and higher self. Intuition plays a big role here. You consciously know there is something there and through your power of divine connection, you can discover more about which path to choose.

Example: While you are driving home from work, for a fraction of a second you receive a quick premonition of a friend you haven's seen in a long time.  You seek for additional details by reaching your divine awareness. You receive a clear message from your guides, that your friend will reach out to you soon.

What are you holding on to?

All of us have gone through stuff in life. Some are more challenging than others but in essence, there is no human on earth that did not go through something during this lifetime and past lifetimes.

All your life events are by design, in agreement - contracts you created for yourself. You are in agreement with each and everyone in your life.

  • To heal yourself, you must become aware of the root-event.
  • What did you do or decide that you are still carrying with you?
  • Emotionally and energetically you are tied to the past.
  • For that reason, you fear the future. 
  • Avoiding the bliss of the present.

Events that took place in our past during childhood until the age of 7 are primarily the ones that shaped our present life reality. The events are the so-called "baggage" we must identify and transmute.  Because we hold on to our past we perpetually create our future based on the experience of the past. We live in the constant fear and the repetitive "WHAT IF?".  We Fear the Future so we tend to live either in the past and then project the constant what if what if, what if, what if, what if... it's an exhausting state of being and even stressing to see the person doing so.

this state of boing is debilitating and prevents one from living in alignment with source, bliss and balanced health. It's time to let go of the baggage. You must step into a state of bliss through your divine awareness. It is the source of the power to heal yourself. 

 I love you and I'm delighted that you're here.  I look forward to hearing and answering your questions.

Eddie BenAbraham