The Power Of Free Choice

Hello beautiful soul,

In the video, I have presented a lot of information in a relatively dense fashion. I will outline the entire subject in a way that will complement the video. I trust that it will help but in either case please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Free-choice is the catalyst of life. Without making life and daily choices, you will be lost. You must choose, it is your God-given right and duty.

When you choose to create your reality. You create something out of nothing.

What is nothing?
It is energy or, the vastness of the creator's "building block" of reality. When you choose, you are pushing that energy into a reality. Think of it as if you are pushing water in a pond. You cause the water to move and flow.  In a similar way, you use your power of intent, desire, love, anger and fear to move and shape the reality accordingly.

You are in control of your reality. This may sound counter realistic considering the things we and others have to go through during the game of life but we are in control, I will explain:

Here are the 3 overall "levels" from which we make our choices:

  1. Consciouss decision.
  2. Subconscious decision.
  3. Soul contract decision.

Conscious decision-making is based on what we are intellectually aware of. Our mind is aware of the information provided by our 5 physical senses.  We then make a conscious choice using common sense and rationality (operate according to logic or reason). In many situations, we tend to choose based on memory from past events, which can be conscious, subconscious or both.

Subconscious decision-making resides deep in our memory and thought processes. The events of the present and past lives, have shaped our decision-making "engine".  Subconscious choices are almost undetectable to the seer (the one choosing) because they are already embedded in their own perception of the reality and life they live in.

Soul contract decisions are made before and during a lifetime. Before you are born you come with predetermined life lessons and contracts associated with everyone that is part of your life: Mom, dad, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, grandparents, neighbors, friends partners, coworkers, etc. In some cases, you have the potential to rewrite or replace such contracts and agreements. Your life is complete with a huge, divine and intricate library of potentials, agreements, paths, events, conditions and so much more - ALL YOU HAVE DESIGNED YOURSELF FOR YOUR SELF.

Intuition and awareness are also driving forces in our decision-making. Our ability to tap into the divine awareness provides us with a sense of foresight. As if you are able to extend your eyesight into the future and see potentials that may come into reality, in the near or distant future.

Both Internal and external "forces" help determine your choices. Sometimes it's one or the other and at times, it's both. External "forces" are those events and energies that come from the outside, for example, someone who comes near you and they have negative energy, celestial transitions such as the full moon or mercury retrograde. Such influences can be part of your need to learn something as part of your life lesson result of a prior choice, or simply a guided "road sign" sent to you by your divine guidance.

Consciousness is King meaning you are very powerful in creating your reality through the power of your consciousness. Self-love, self-worth, desire, trust and divine awareness all contribute to making the appropriate choices.

You must be an active and conscious choice maker, it is your right and duty.  If you don't, time will stand still in your evolutionary life clock.

When you practice free choice you instruct the universe to kick into action and create the synchronicities for you. Synchronicities are God's method of inviting you to take action at the right time and opportunity. It is all about free choice remember, even when God hands you the solution you still have the choice to say "yes" or "no".

It is important that you start becoming aware of how and why you choose the things you do every day. Pay attention to the reasons, what drives you to eat specific foods, use specific words, be with specific people. Why do you do things the way you do. All part of self-discovery to help improve your way of life.

Action play

What you know and what you don't know - practice the field.

Imagine a circle around you, inside this circle, are the things you are consciously aware of. For example, what is it you have planned for this week? Beyond this circle, are the things you don't know about.

Let's focus and practice your ability to feel the energy about these "things" you have coming up this week - that which you are consciously aware of.

Make a list of the events, appointments, meetings, errands, to-do's, etc.

When you are done, sit in stillness and focus on each of the items you have on the list and ask the following question from your higher self:

- Is there something I need to know about this one?

The answer should be "Yes" or "NO" that's all. All you are doing is looking for that essence of what's in the field of what you don't know.  For now, you don't need to look for the reasons or what exactly will take place. Simply find out what spirit is trying to show you -  is there something you need to be aware of, or not.

Next to each of the items on your list write the answer you got.

When you are done, set the list aside.

When the week is over pull out the list and review it.

Examine each item and see what did take place with each of your items on your list.

Next to the item/s that nothing changed add a Checkmark.
Next to the item/s that did shift, write a short description of what did take place instead.

Bring the list with you to our next meeting. We will work on it together.

I love you and I'm delighted that you're here.  I look forward to hearing and answering your questions.
Eddie BenAbraham