Working Through Shadows

Hello beautiful soul,

This will be the only class that I will use a dark background. I use different colors in each class as I'm guided to so the energy of the color supports you best.

Shadow-work is simply a way to describe the internal work of healing your inner wounds. The wounds that have been layered over time and experiences during this lifetime and past. During the lifetimes you've experienced on Earth we go through lessons. The lessons you created for yourself, you are in full control of your choices during each lifetime.

Reincarnation is a system that honors the soul and the physical expression (life in the physical dimension).

In each transition, meaning each lifetime, the core essence of yourself was used to pick up on the negative from your past. That is shifting because the new energy we have on our planet supports it more than ever before.

The process of shadow work involves things such as; sadness, crying, solitude, anger, tiredness, physical symptoms (headaches, sore throat, etc). And it all as it should be.

During this course, there will be triggers that you will have to identify and bring forth so we can work to clear and heal. The challenge is to look through the fear and anger, to walk into the internal "storm" and with the help of love we will transmute it all and send it back to Source.

You have everything you need to go through this process and you must understand the YOU ARE SAFE! Letting go of the past will set you free, heal you, heal your past and future.

I want you to learn and cognize you are safe in the same level of trust when you use the water faucet in your kitchen sink. You don't think or open a plumber's manual to know that water will flow when you turn the valve open. You know the water will come out without the need to think about it - That's the way I want you to know you are safe and loved.

When you step into your car and you start the ignition do you have to think about the process of the mechanics of a car's engine for it to start? It simply works! That is the level of knowingness of you being safe and loved.  Repeat the simple affirmation: "I am safe, I am loved" every day, every morning, every night. Look in the mirror and say the affirmation, bring in the passion and confidence when you do. Your whole being will be grateful.

There will be times when I might trigger you, you may feel as if I pressed on a very tender "button". It is what we are here to do and I will work with you to "pluck" things out of you. During these times I want you to remember that this is one of the reasons we are doing this work together. I love you dearly, I love you immensely and working together hand in hand will take you through this challenging state-of-being to a place that is beautiful.

Imagine for a moment, sometime in the future, where you no longer have any of the burdens that are interfering with your bliss. Acquiring and achieving that version of Heaven on Earth you so desire - The blissful moments, that Vision that you can see in the future and see yourself in. That place of loving self, being in love, having everything that you need - no more scarcity no more living in survival mode. living bliss, seeing and knowing how magnificent you are and how you are an extension of Source.

You are an extension of Source, not part of something that can be taken out and put by something else and be replaced. You are an extension just like the river is an extension of the ocean, just like the light is an extension of the Sun - you are the same! The extension of God.

We now live in a different energy on our planet, much different than in the one prior to 2012. New Era, new energy. 2013 was the first year when we were detached from the old and coming into the new. It was a very difficult year for many of us. Very challenging energies, many core-shifts and then, 2014. Was year number one (#1) as we started to acclimate to the new energy.

Today, things are looking very challenging in the world and internally for everyone.  These days may look "dark" but know that what's taking place is the last battle between light and dark and light, has already won.

How am I  so confident knowing that light has won? Very simple, had it not been true, we would not be here and Gaia, would look more like her sister Mars.

We moving through the *Precession of The Equinoxes, as we continue to evolve through this shift.  Because of this historical shift we are going through a huge awakening. It is important to work through the shadows and clear the baggage. All done with love, tender care and patience.

At the end of this first week, you have a Journey Healing Meditation with Gaia, I encourage you to listen to it. If you feel you need to more than once, go for it. This Loving journey will assist you in relinquishing what no longer serves you. Relinquish things such as negative thought patterns, fears, sorrow, sadness. Gaia will assist you, she's always here to support you. Remember that you age an extension of Gaia as well. Every cell of your body was created with the sustenance she provides with love.

Four and a half billion years she's been working hard to create this beautiful environment on this beautiful planet. The air the seas, the animal kingdom, the flora kingdom... tremendously abundant and magical. Is that so hard to believe it's part of God's plan to create such benevolent life so that you can live and enjoy it all?

Open your heart and let go of all those imitations and belief systems you were taught by others and those you've told yourself. it's time to Let It Go.

I love you and I'm delighted that you're here.  I look forward to hearing and answering your questions.

Eddie BenAbraham

*Precession of the equinoxes, motion of the equinoxes along the ecliptic (the plane of Earth's orbit) caused by the cyclic precession of Earth's axis of rotation. ... Such a motion is called precession and consists of a cyclic wobbling in the orientation of Earth's axis of rotation with a period of 25,772 years.