Your relationship with Gaia

Channeled 9-19-2021

Hello sweet one.

I am Gaia the Mother.

I greet you with unconditional love and wash your feet as you sit to listen to these words.

Your presence is known the same way I know my own presence. I know you by your name in this lifetime and every other incarnation you have experienced, I am completely aware of your origin and the potentials of your future expressions. I am aware of the choices and actions you took that brought you to this moment and sit in the energy. I bathe you with the resonance of the creator, pure and unfiltered, directly from the womb of love.

I greet you in a singular fashion because it is indeed a message coming from the one soul of Planet Earth; however, in this transmission, the energy of the mother is accompanied by more conscious energies that are part of the Systems of Gaia. These energies are the representation of the numerous consciousnesses responsible for making all of Earth’s LIFE possible. Each of these divine representations has a special place in the grand puzzle of life. Think of it as each of your internal organs having their own individual consciousness and are in complete unison with the primary consciousness, which is you.

Each atom that makes up the entire game of life on Earth, is conscious of its job and placement which creates the fabric of the creator's will.

You are not separate nor disconnected from all that I am, your existence in the physical form, your corporeal body, is composed of the molecules I created for you.

I govern the creation of the foods you consume, the same nourishing vitamins and minerals your parents fed themselves to create you. Your physical body is a marvelous instrument and a system that is in perfect alignment with your soul’s will and every other consciousness that is present.

Your relationship to me is deep and intricately beautiful beyond words, the immense love bond we share is vibrating so strong, that our energy fields are resonating with the same frequency.

You are unique and your uniqueness shines a particular vibration to the universe. This energy is accompanied by the uniqueness of Gaia’s energy and when those on the other side see you, can tell that you are part of this very special family. It's similar to how you associate yourself with a last name, it bears the family signature. Your family is the family of earth and the work you have been doing is showing in full colors for everyone to notice.

The innate feeling of gratitude for our bond is growing each day, you are becoming aware of the closeness, the warmth and the immense love. Ohh it is so deep and powerful that is deep inside each cell of your body culminating in your DNA layers. They are singing a song, the song of the mothers, the tune they sang for you at the time you first incarnated to this grand game of free choice.

The original soul piece that was and is YOU! Can project the huge volume of wisdom you carry inside you. When that takes place, you will experience the embodiment of God.

It is attainable, it is the gift you have prepared for yourself.

When you love each and every cell of your body and increase this love to levels that you've never thought possible, you begin to realize something - you are beginning to experience unconditional trust, calmness, joy and love. The rejuvenation of your body takes place with ease and grace, you are now the new human on planet earth.

It is an elevated “plateau” of existence that is reserved for you,  your seat is guaranteed, you simply need to make a conscious pure intent:
"Dear God, dear Gaia I am grateful for the incredible love I carry in me. My heart is now open wide to receive additional divine love in ways that are better than what I expect. Thank you for the divine guidance.
And so it is. "

Your life is no accident sweet one, your life is by design and the universe is working diligently to create this design you chose and continue to create it as you keep on choosing.

The power of life in your hands, sweet one.
With love,
Mother Gaia.