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Please join us along with many around the world who are stepping up with incredible pure intent to:


Commit to creating nurturing space for your-self.


Honor the god inside to elevated state of your self-love


Honor embrace your true self to increase self-worth.


Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts.

Every Saturday, All Day Long.

Published on April, 20th 2020


You arrive on this earth to live in an expression of love and benevolence. Your physical body is the one thing you learn about, starting with your first gasp of air into your lungs. Beyond the physical self, it is challenging to learn about the purity within, because it is hidden from our corporeal senses. The one thing you come equipped with, that which you feel so strongly at the moment of birth, is the pure and unrefined love of your mother. You recognize it, you know it, because it is what you are made of…. LOVE.

Lifetime after lifetime you learn through your incarnation the lessons you design for yourself. Just like a seed, in the ground benevolently sprouting to peek through the soil and then grow into its full potential. What is the catalyst? You may ask, what is the function or tool that helps us evolve and grow our consciousness? The answer is, Free-Choice. Free-Choice is the quintessential catalyst we have, on Earth, and when we are back home.

Just like the seed, your full potential is where you are heading. Human life gives us fear, anger, sorrow, pain, and regret. The elements of the storm that come to challenge the sprouting seed. The lifetimes accumulate wisdom and your soul is then able to “conduct” more of your true self into the physical expression you see in the mirror.

The-One, is by the definition a singular of what is. It is not separate, it is the extension of the magnificence you call God, Source or Universe. Honoring The-One is honoring The God – The Goddess – The Feminine Divine – The Masculine Divine – You Honoring You.

Imagine a moment in time the smallest fraction of a second, where time is at a standstill. The stillness of the present, infinite and timeless is the one place you see you-within-you. The self becoming aware of unconditional love. The inner knowing that you exist from a noting and everything there is. That unconditional love of self is the essence of the force you use to create your reality, while you walk the earth. Living in complete and unconditional love to yourself and everything around you is your path to full potential as a human.

To honor The One, is to honor what you seek every day. To become complete, in balance, in-love with yourself. The self-sustained human, is the one who knows the choices to take, before the challenge comes to view. Increased love of self, offers the ability to create a reality that is synchronistically balanced with everyone around. When you are in an elevated state of self-love the so-called elements of the storm, are no longer in your purview.

By honoring ourselves we give permission for our soul to bring in, through our vessel of love… a little more of the true essence. We are here to love and create our version of heaven on earth. Make the time for your self to experience self-care, self-honoring, self-worth, self joy, self-love.

Are you ready to join hands with your sisters and brothers around the world?

~ Eddie BenAbraham

How & When?

The entire day is yours, choose what it is you wish to do. Dedicating an hour or two or, sunrise to sunset. Whichever way you feel will best serve you.

Take the painting class you’ve always wanted, nurture your body to a relaxing massage, meditate at your favorite spot, exercise, sleep-in or write your book. Your choice is your best friend, today you want to challenge this friend to open up to new possibilities.

Every Saturday beginning in New Zealand and close at midnight, local time in Samoa USA.

Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts.

Be The Love You Want To See In The World.



  • Worldwide.

Who can join?

  • Everyone!

I’m not a healer, how can I help?

In our “book”, each and every one of you has the power to facilitate healing within yourself and in others. Choose a method that is close to your heart, and go for it.

Pray, meditate, sing, dance…. all are a form of energy movers.

Your pure intent is key!

Have a ceremony with candles and crystals or lovingly sit under a tree with compassionate thoughts and feelings.

You are part of the whole and the whole is part of you.

Together with focused-intent we are profoundly powerful.

You  Are Warmly Invited To Join Our Spiritually Energized Community of Earth here on Vort8x

What Your Brothers and Sisters Wish to Share With You

Honoring The-One has helped me by grounding me. I have been using meditation and breath work and it has been amazing!!
Your Name: Lisa
Country You Reside: USA


Apr 24, 2020, 1:37 PM

Love and Light 💖
Your Name: Michelle M Hudson
Country You Reside: USA


Apr 21, 2020, 6:23 PM

Love you Eddie 🙂
Your Name: Kinzie
Country You Reside: US


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Why Measure Compassion?

Our goal is to promote compassionate actions in world communities. We offer the Compassion Gauge Tool on specific pages with the intent to inspire people and organizations to meld compassion into their mission and values.
The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher the results.
Eddie BenAbraham
President and co-founder

What If I Get Zero?

 Does NOT mean you are not a compassionate person!
Compassion is a state-of-being just like love, anger or joy and for each state, there are different levels of experience.  

Compassion – Marketing For A New Era – What Will You Choose?

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