💓 Honor Your Family & Tribe – Sunday – Vote Compassion

Please join us along with many around the world who are stepping up with incredible pure intent to:


Create a safe and sacred space for your tribe & family to spend time together.


Connect with those loved ones whom you haven't seen in a long time.


Offer your time and assistance to loved one.


Honor and embrace your mother, father, sisters and brothers.


Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts.

Every Sunday, All Day Long.

Published on May, 18th 2020


You have and always will be, born to a family. They are connected to you in profound ways. The lessons we share and agree to play, while we are on earth, can be challenging at times. The beauty of family connection lays in the agreements made prior to birth, at the Halls of Union. We weave our life’s potentials because it is the way the human expression plans and creates points of choice. Free-will is the catalyst for growth for your consciousness. Your life’s agreement with your family and tribe looks like a train station with multiple tracks and trains to choose from. We are here to work through life’s puzzle, discover and evolve a little more during each incarnation. Although we are capable of so much as individually however, you need a family to support you and, they need your love and compassion as well. Almost every family member of yours shares a past life with you, it is beautiful and profound.

Are you ready to join hands with your sisters and brothers around the world?

~ Eddie BenAbraham

How & When?

Choose with your family & tribe what it is you wish to do, the entire Sunday is yours, . Dedicating an hour or two or, sunrise to sunset. Whichever way you feel will best serve your family, tribe and yourself.

Plan a day in nature around a campfire and enjoy one another’s company. Have a conversation about the things that are important to you.

Hug, sing, dance, and play. Have fun because it is right to enjoy life to the fullest.

Every Sunday morning, beginning in New Zealand and close at midnight, local time in Samoa USA.

Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts.

Be The Love You Want To See In The World.



  • Worldwide.

Who can join?

  • Everyone!

I’m not a healer, how can I help?

In our “book”, each and every one of you has the power to facilitate healing within yourself and in others. Choose a method that is close to your heart, and go for it.

Pray, meditate, sing, dance…. all are a form of energy movers.

Your pure intent is key!

Have a ceremony with candles and crystals or lovingly sit under a tree with compassionate thoughts and feelings.

You are part of the whole and the whole is part of you.

Together with focused-intent we are profoundly powerful.

You  Are Warmly Invited To Join Our Spiritually Energized Community of Earth here on Vort8x

What Your Brothers and Sisters Wish to Share With You

May 25, 2020

I want to honor my ancestors and family line, and thank them for their help. I will do a healing meditation at sundown 1-2 hours for my family… past, present and future.
Your Name: Linda
Country You Reside: USA


May 24, 2020

about abundance and money….

it´s a matter of energy…. high energy. you have to feel first the feeling of abundance. and also, to tun (from tuning) to the frequency  of your G´d within you.
Than you can really be on service of others.

Also, having an attitude of Gratitude it´s a big stone – the basis actually – of this.

Sending lots of light
Your Name: Lili
Country You Reside: Earth (Germany)


May 19, 2020,
I wanted to honor my blood family for bringing me into this world, however, what is even more important to me is my spiritual family. As I have traveled to over 50+ countries, I have met many people who I have a profound soul connection with. Meeting these people, reconnecting with the land and recalling past life memories have been extremely special for me – and for the people I have reconnected with.
Your Name: Michael Edward Bradford
Country You Reside: USA – Cape Town, South Africa



Measure Your Compassion 

The objective is to find out how compassionate this healing event is. 

For the first 5 seconds, you will see your own result before it is combined into a collective-average.

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Why Measure Compassion?

Our goal is to promote compassionate actions in world communities. We offer the Compassion Gauge Tool on specific pages with the intent to inspire people and organizations to meld compassion into their mission and values.
The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher the results.
Eddie BenAbraham
President and co-founder

What If I Get Zero?

 Does NOT mean you are not a compassionate person!
Compassion is a state-of-being just like love, anger or joy and for each state, there are different levels of experience.  

Compassion – Marketing For A New Era – What Will You Choose?

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