Through Love, Kindness and Compassion We Will Reshape Our Reality On Earth.

Wednesday is when we dedicate time to offer healing to those we lovingly choose.


Pray Meditate & Heal Those Who Are Mourning and Experiencing Fear.


Support family, friends and "strangers" who seek assistance in healing from the pain of losing loved one/s.


Bring calm and stability to all who are fearing the challenging time we are experiencing.


Pray for divine guidance for all who seek inner peace to continue life with love in their hearts.


Pray for divine guidance for world leaders to make the best decisions for citizens & our planet.


Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts.

Published on April 29th 2020

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Because we are family, and family assists one another in times of need.

Unity is powerful stuff, so why not join hearts and minds for a benevolent outcome?

This is an invitation to compassionately act towards those you know personally, and towards those you don’t know.



Unconditional and pure intent, without any judgment. Make space and offer your love and compassion.

Together with the incredible combined intent, love and compassion we can assist in profound ways.

You are invited to submit a name using the submission form. We will publicly add the person’s name on this page for everyone to see and assist. ( Your name will also be published along with your country of residence. Your email will not be shared)

We also add a list of names and affirmations because we believe there are some in need of our collective assistance, using our unconditional love and compassion.



  • Every wednesday.
  • Time – Sunrise to Sunset
  • For as long as you want.

Starting at sunrise at your local time Wednesday morning until sunset. Dedicate the time at your own convenience to perform the prayers, healing energy, meditation, dance or any other beautiful healing modality you are gifted with.

Vote Your Compassion Below, Every Vote Counts.

Let’s Be The Love We Want To See In The World


  • Worldwide.

Who can join?

  • Everyone!

I’m not a healer, how can I help?

In our “book”, each and every one of you has the power to facilitate healing within yourself and in others. Choose a method that is close to your heart, and go for it.

Pray, meditate, sing, dance…. all are a form of energy movers.

Your pure intent is key!

Have a ceremony with candles and crystals or lovingly sit under a tree with compassionate thoughts and feelings.

You are part of the whole and the whole is part of you.

Together with focused-intent we are profoundly powerful.

You  Are Warmly Invited To Join Our Spiritually Energized Community of Earth here on Vort8x

The Intentions For Our Healing

By Staff:

  1. All our brothers and sisters around the world who lost their loved ones and are mourning, we shower you with compassion and unconditional love to assist you in your healing process.
  2. All our brothers and sisters around the world who are ill as a result of the the “coronav”: “We send you unconditional love and compassion to assist you in healing quickly and completely from the illness”
  3. World leaders, local government leaders, and business leaders: “We send divine love and compassion to assist you in making the decisions that will be for the highest good of all people and our planet.”


May 4, 2020

Anchor love, joy and faith in a better world for all human beings on earth.
And a knowingness that the present situation is a jumpstart for a new and better world for every body
Your Name: Annette Bo
Country You Reside: Denmark
Name To Include: Annette Bo


May 2, 2020

Be safe, be the lighthouse!
Your Name: Nayna Manga
Country You Reside: South Africa
Name To Include: All Lightworkers


May 2, 2020

May they all receive healing and relief in their present situations.
Your Name: Kathy Garland
Country You Reside: Canada
Name To Include: Steve, Sherry, Brandice, Brian, Tania, Carmela, Nancy


May 2, 2020, 

Love, light , wisdom
Joy, abundance, health
Compassion, forgiveness and gratitude to be transmitted to all
Your Name: Lynette
Country You Reside: South Africa
Name To Include: all beings in in need of compassionate healing including lightworkers & myself


March 16th

The time is now for all starseeds to rise above the coronavirus and dissolve it with a mass-meditation consisting of new vibrational upgrades we have been and are continuing to receive. WE ARE ONE HUGE FORCE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND LIGHT and TOGETHER, WE CAN AND WILL EXTINGUISH THE DARK ENERGY from GAIA.
Your Name: Robert Mackie
Country You Reside: United States
Name To Include: ALL LIGHTWORKERS and Myself.
Please read and agree before submitting your request: I understand that all names and country will be public domain


Add yours using the form on this page.

Add your intention to May Healing

Please read and agree before submitting your request

6 + 14 =

Measure Your Compassion 

The objective is to find out how compassionate this healing event is. 

For the first 5 seconds, you will see your own result before it is combined into a collective-average.

  • Click once.
  • No Personal Information is Needed.
  • The Tool Detects Your Energy The Moment You "VOTE".
  • The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher they will rank.
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Why Measure Compassion?

Our goal is to promote compassionate actions in world communities. We offer the Compassion Gauge Tool on specific pages with the intent to inspire people and organizations to meld compassion into their mission and values.
The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher the results.
Eddie BenAbraham
President and co-founder

What If I Get Zero?

 Does NOT mean you are not a compassionate person!
Compassion is a state-of-being just like love, anger or joy and for each state, there are different levels of experience.  

Compassion – Marketing For A New Era – What Will You Choose?

Read all about it here (click)

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