Global Healing Session Transmute “CoronaV” Round #3

February 20th at 4;44pm. Your local time.

Please Join us along with many around the world who are stepping up with incredible intent to:
1- Transmute the coronaV organism into a neutral
2- Heal the uncertainty and dissolve the fear it caused
3- Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts

Session Complete

Your prayer and healing is working!
Let’s make this last session the most powerful yet!

This Global Healing Session is an continuation of the powerful healing we performed on Feb 6th & Feb 13th


Because we can and we are.


With our combined love and compassion:
We focus on transmuting the “coronavirus” on all levels. Meaning the DNA of the organism and the fear it caused. Profoundly transformed now.


  • Date – February 20th 2020.
  • Time – 4;44pm wherever you are located.
  • For as long as you want.

Starting at 4;44pm in New Zealand and will continue for 24 hours where we will close at 4;44pm local time in Samoa USA. Creating a “band of healing” around the world. Complete with the prayers, healing energy, meditation, dance and all the beautiful modalities you each are gifted with.

Vote Your Compassion below, every vote counts.
Let’s be the love we want to see in the world.


  • Worldwide.

Who can join?

  • Everyone!

I’m not a healer, how can I help?

In our “book”, each and every one of you has the power to facilitate healing within yourself and in others. Choose a method that is close to your heart, and go for it.

Pray, meditate, sing, dance…. all are a form of energy movers.

Your pure intent is key!

Have a ceremony with candles and crystals or lovingly sit under a tree with compassionate thoughts and feelings.
You are part of the whole and the whole is part of you. Together with focused-intent we are profoundly powerful.

Join Us


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Published 2-16-2020

Watch The Update From Feb 6th

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Eddie BenAbraham

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