The 12 School of Healing

Facilitating World Healing With Every Soul

Michael Edward Bradford

International Intuitive Energy Healer & Breakthrough Specialist

Casca Graham

International Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Vibrational Healer/Reader

Michelle Price

Reiki Master ~ Energy Healer

Eddie BenAbraham

The Healing Consul Facilitator

Gina Ann

Intuitive Spiritual Psychologist – Creatress of Adventures to Inner Child Wisdom

The 12 Schools Of Healing

Welcome, dear brothers and sisters. The 12 Schools Of Healing Is now open. We are are gearing up to publish our work so we can offer our assistance you seek.

The Teacher of the Schools are :

  • Michael Edward Bradford
  • Casca Graham
  • Michelle Price
  • Gina Ann
  • Eddie BenAbraham

More will be added to the list in days to come.

The Announcement during Eddie’s Free Introductory Class to The Soul’s Mantle Grid

June, 9th 2020

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The Gift To The World – Coming November 11 2020

The gift to the world will be published here on 11-11-2020

Measure Your Compassion

The objective is to find out how compassionate this healing event is. 

For the first 5 seconds, you will see your own result before it is combined into a collective-average.

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  • No Personal Information is Needed.
  • The Tool Detects Your Energy The Moment You "VOTE".
  • The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher they will rank.
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Why Measure Compassion?

Our goal is to promote compassionate actions in world communities. We offer the Compassion Gauge Tool on specific pages with the intent to inspire people and organizations to meld compassion into their mission and values.
The more compassion the subject evokes in you, the higher the results.
Eddie BenAbraham
President and co-founder

What If I Get Zero?

 Does NOT mean you are not a compassionate person!
Compassion is a state-of-being just like love, anger or joy and for each state, there are different levels of experience.  

Compassion – Marketing For A New Era – What Will You Choose?

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Your generosity will assist in our continued development of the Compassion Tool and community effort worldwide to make our planet healthier and happier to live in.

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Global Mindfulness Week – An Invitation

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